Sermon Summaries 2015


January 2015 Sermons

January 4: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “But They Did Not Prevail” – Psalm 129

One of the greatest challenges in life is dealing with the attacks of the enemy. It’s difficult to make sense or understand the reasons behind the attack. It can mess with the faith of any believer. The attack becomes hard because if God is protecting us, we wonder why is it happening to us? We often feel the attack is unmerited and we don’t even know how long the attack will last. While you go through the storm, God won’t test you beyond what you’re able to handle. Everything what the devil tries to accomplish won’t work. Know in the midst of the attack, the enemy will not prevail. God has his hand on you.

January 4: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “A Place Where The Enemy Can’t Get Me” – John 10:22-30

One of the greatest analogies in the word of God is sheep. God uses this analogy of him being a Shepard & us being the sheep.  God does this because he wants us to take on the positive attributes as sheep. This message reveals the power of being sheep & how God wants our obedience and expects us to solely rely on him. Only real sheep responds to a Shepard’s voice. God is teaching us we ought to be the sheep that follow the Shepard’s. In spite of our issues and challenges, God wants to have authority over you to help get you liberated and provide you with strength to get better. You’re in his hands.

January 11: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “The Sheep Of His Pasture” – Psalm 100

One of the greatest analogies in the word of God is sheep. It’s used more than 500 times in the bible. God makes these references because in understanding the power of God’s word; sheep speaks to how we should relate to God. In other words, it helps us to understand we are the sheep & he is the great shepard. God is serious about this because his word teaches us there are positive attributes sheep must carry. He’s about directing our path because as sheep, we don’t always know the right way to go. Only God, our shepard can give the direction & guidance on how to walk in life. We as sheep should be utilizing his power to cover, protect & lead us so we can live a prosperous life. 

January 11: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “When Sheep Get Judged”- Ezekiel 34:11-24

God is calling us to be good sheep. God uses this analogy of him being a Shepard & us being the sheep. This connection between us and God is relational but it also comes with expectation and responsibility. The truth is all of us are sheep. This sermon uses the analogy of sheep to reveal how sheep must be teachable and when the weight of sin wears us down (as in sheep’s wool), God has to cut us to set us free. If he doesn’t cut you, you’ll never get better. God wants to show us the love & duty of the Shepard. It’s the word that teaches & sets us free. If anything is going to help you is the word of God.

January 18: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “What A Fellowship” – Psalm 133

One of the most wonderful gifts within the body of Christ is fellowship. It’s shared participation in Christ to bring about betterment for the kingdom. The power of fellowship is important. It’s opportunity to contribute & give. But it’s not the same anymore. Folks have embraced in idolizing themselves and have disconnected from others. Fellowship takes work, but not everyone understands it. The work is part of your development and a direct challenge to selfishness. What the enemy doesn’t want to happen, it’s for us to be together & dwell in unity. So get your mind right on the things of God. Know that fellowship is good and when God shows up to work it out, folks get encouraged. So don’t let the devil tell you it’s not good to be in God’s house. Rebuke that spirit and say “What A Fellowship”!!

January 18: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson –“Lost Sheep” – Luke 15:1-7

The goal of the enemy is to have us in a state of being lost. The devil wants us out of position with God and his aim is to isolate you. When you are lost, you’re vulnerable without protection. The real deal is the enemy wants you confused and he’s counting on you staying lost. Some of us have been totally lost and God has rescued us anyhow. We should be grateful he didn’t turn his back on us. Our duty as believers is to tell the Great Commission to those who are lost. We have to own who God is and how well we speak of him outside of church. Instead of concealing him, we should be promoting him; to be a witness in a dying world that doesn’t know God. If you have sin in your life you should hurry up and get Jesus – for he covers a multitude of sin.

January 22: 7:00 pm – Bishop Orlando Wilson - “Sanctify Yourselves” – Joshua 3:5

We’re living in a world where it’s more popular than ever not to live for God. It’s even not popular within the church culture. Even the church has stopped trying to live for God. Folks have embraced a cheapened grace and they think it’s okay. We have to remind ourselves there is life after salvation. We really need to turn our lives over to him. The sermon teaches the real meaning of sanctification and how our flesh struggles to submit to our spirit. The Lord gives us the power to sanctify our flesh in how we live, operate and how we deal with others. We have to put our flesh under subjection, because we have too many habits that are not like God. Sanctification is progressive and we have to live everyday & invest in the things of God because he will reward your progress. So set yourself & get in line for your tomorrow will be amazing.

January 25: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “When The Night Shines Like Day” – Psalm 139:1-12

Part of the wavering commitment towards God is because people don’t really know who he is. They know of him, but not about him. Folks are not connected because they are invested in other things. The power of knowing God is he reveals himself to us through his character, his attributes and capabilities. When you know this, the devil cannot fool you. God’s aim is to help us get better. He’s all powerful, omnipresent, omnipotent and all knowing. God knows your situation and has the power to handle what you’re going through. Whatever is going wrong in your life, God can work a miracle. He can fix it!

January 25: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “The Left Side” – Matthew 25:31-46

The people of God have forgotten that there will be a time of separation. God has what is known as a time of separation and at some point, he will separate those who are with him & those who are not. This message explains the doctrine of separation and how it’s likened to the time of judgment and accountability. It will be according to our works & the seeds we have sown. In reality, none of us will escape judgment. When you understand this, it will make you want to do better. This separation will involve the split within the church and those who carry the mindset of goat’s verses sheep. Know there is still time for a turnaround. God is giving us time to get our mind right and back on track. Be sure to posture yourself to get on the right side. 

February 1: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Fear No Evil” – Psalm 23

One of the greatest weapons the enemy uses against believers is fear. Many of us are living in fear and it can debilitate or immobilize any believer, but God has not given us a spirit of fear. This sermon explains the power of fear and how the enemy can use it to kill your faith. Without faith it’s impossible to please God; it’s needed to plug into God – for it’s your passport to the supernatural. Don’t allow fear to mess with your focus. You cannot be successful if your always worried and on edge. You have to realize you are where you are because God was with you. His hand was on you the entire time. So whatever your anxious about, release it. The relationship between you & fear is now over.

February 1: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “An Old Promise For A New Day” – Joshua 14:6-13

One of the character traits God most respects is determination. God honors a determined spirit that is fueled by faith. The power of determination means to be unwavering, to be armed with purpose and possess a solid belief in God’s promises. God is expecting us to meet him where he is at, so his promises can come to pass. The devil gets frustrated when he attempts to shake you but cannot, especially when you’re still praising, serving & believing. God will forgive sin, but won’t grant reward. The power of reward is the obedience of your service when you don’t feel like serving, but you do it anyhow for the big picture. So believe, trust, lean & depend on the Lord. His word is still good – so be determined.

February 8: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Let Us Destroy Them” – Psalm 83

One of the biggest challenges in life is to discount your self-worth or value. This seems to be the kind of world we’re living in. At times, as people of God and even as African-Americans, we’re not valued. There seems to be an atmosphere that devalues us as a race. The question do we deal with it in the face of God? The power of how God works is you have to deal with struggle. However, it’s God’s issue due to injustice and anything that opposes his righteousness. God always has an answer unto himself – so he has to do what he said. You have to turn it over to God because it’s his situation. So when folks devalue you, the fight is not with you, it’s with God. We have to invite the Lord in so he can turn it around.

February 15: 8:00 am – Min. Aaron Pope – “Critical Condition” – Jeremiah 18: 1-10

God wants the best for you. His desire is to prosper you & not fail you. God wants you to live life to your fullest and give you the desires of your heart. We all have gone through life facing trials & tribulations. We have also been left with scars and bruises – but God has brought us this far. This message reveals how we go through five stages in dealing with the pressures of life when things are not favorable or working out. But you must be focused on the things of God and push past your issues because you still have to live.  No matter what your condition is, recovery is possible. Like potter’s clay, you’re in process. God is working to perfect you and he’s not finished with you. You’re in his hands, so get out of critical condition – the turnaround is coming.

February 15: 11:00 am – Elder Darrin Matthews – “God Qualified Me” – Acts 2: 14-21, Romans 8: 30-31

God sometimes acts contrary to how we should feel he should act.  How God works doesn’t always make sense to us. This includes the people whom he chooses to use. Sometimes, we feel they don’t qualify because they have issues, but don’t we all? We are all are not perfect, but we should be glad we serve a perfect God. If it wasn’t for the Lord, we all would be lost – but we can’t act like we’ve never been rescued. Your greatest power is not in your perfection but your regeneration. Be grateful God gave you another chance.  God qualifies those immersed in dysfunction, that’s when he calls on them and gives them the anointing to use for his glory. So even with your mess, he’ll give you another chance. So you may think your not suitable, but trust God – your qualified.

February 19: 7:00 pm – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Now Then, What About Me”? – Joshua 2:1-14 

One of the most difficult things to do is to watch the manifestation of someone’s promise at your expense. To see God doing something in person’s life while nothing has happened for you is hard. Especially when you can’t see how God is going to bless you. The truth is he can put you in a position to use you to bless others. If God really wanted to he could find someone better than us, but we tend to demonize and disqualify others when we think it should be us receiving the blessing. This sermon teaches the real test will be how we deal with the people of God even when it’s uncomfortable. Know that his using you may delay you, but you won’t get the reward unless you submit. So allow yourself to be used, God may just bless your socks off!

February 25: 7:00 pm – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “A Zeal For God” – Numbers 25:6-13

One of the missing ingredients in the lives of many believers is their zeal for God. The present day church has lost its zeal for God and it’s mainly because people have transferred their passion for God to something else. This message reveals the three reasons why there has been a loss of zeal in Christians. Know that God responds to zeal when your excited about who he is. God is serious because your service, praise & worship is an opportunity to express your excitement and your gratitude towards him. We have to get our minds fixed on him, for he’s been too good to us. So declare you’re on the Lord’s side! Stand-up for the things of God!

March 1: 8:00 am – Elder Linda Firman – “Decisions” – Luke: 15: 11- 13

How we make decisions in life depends on what we do and how we do it. It takes no time at all for folks to make a decision when someone hurts them. When you make a decision, you better know what you are doing. History plays a role in our lives; if we don’t know where we’re from, we won’t know where we’re going. Victories come with struggle, but you have to ready for the battle. Know that God has put something in us to keep us yearning for him. It’s in our DNA, so if you ever lose yourself, you can make your way back to him.

March 1: 11:00 am – Min. Lissa Riley – “The Urgent Knock” – Revelation 3:14-19

This sermon reveals we must build our hope on things eternal and that things can change for us from a God that can fix a broken heart & spirit. God will send a word to let us know where we need to be in him. Instead of leaving us in our mess, God will stand at the doorway with a knock. So when Jesus knocks, let him in – he’ll give you peace and be that anchor.

March 8: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Get Me Out Of Prison” – Psalm 142

One of the most debilitating events is to encounter the isolation of a jailhouse experience. It’s not just about the place where criminals are confined, but it’s about being confused. It’s about physical, emotional & spiritual confinement. When dealing with the physical aspect, we must be mindful that folks (particularly African-Americans) are being taken back to the plantation through the prison system. The emotional stems from when one’s mind is all over place and is chained & bound. Lastly, the devil attempts to be our spiritual jail keeper. Whatever your predicament is, have no worries God will bring you out. Prayer still works and it will bring you through. So don’t let the devil stop you. Turn it over to Jesus, for he’ll turn it around and set you free.

March 8: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “The Games That People Play” – Acts 13:1-12 

People can play all types of games for many reasons and they use games to control relationships with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and even church members. The goal of game player is to play emotional, mental & psychological games so they can get their way. Manipulation is cheap tool of the devil and used as a form of witchcraft and sorcery. The power of the believer is to put away confidence in other things, but instead allow ourselves to be led by the spirit of God. The way we deal with others – either God is being glorified or he isn’t. We don’t use our influence to usher the influence of God. The devil will do all he can to oppose your witness, but God’s hand is still on it. So don’t worry about the game players, spend your time lifting up the kingdom. Put your trust in God.

March 15: 8:00 am – Min. Melissa Harrell – “Seek To Be A Servant” – Matthew 20: 20-28 

There is a time, season & purpose for everything in life. Sometimes we struggle and wonder why we can’t get ahead when folks around us are getting promoted. The truth is people are looking to promote themselves and not be a servant.  Their aim is to acquire a title and a position of power, but it’s for the wrong reasons. Folks desire power & authority, but if you want to do greatness, be a servant and help to serve others. God is calling us to serve and not get caught up in the pursuit of position & power. God is watching our attitude and he wants us to get our minds right. Your promotion is not in man, but in God. Be humble, have a heart to submit and be a good witness. Trust in God and walk in obedience. Seek his heart and not just his hand.

March 15: 11:00 am – Min. Lissa Riley – “Lord, Fix My Heart” – Psalm 51: 1-12

The heart is a vital organ. The condition of your heart determines your quality of life. Heart disease has steadily risen over the decades and is responsible for claiming 7.2 million lives worldwide. In order to keep your heart healthy, it has to remain free of impurities. This also applies to the quality of our hearts spiritually. When we deal with brokenness, disappointment & loneliness, it plays a role in whether or not we live a life of happiness and victory. When your heart is damaged, it can cause hurt in others. This message reveals how people can create a bigger mess, when they don’t face their problems and try to fix it themselves. But we have to learn from our mistakes and begin the process of restoration. God gives us a way to be redeemed. So ask the Lord to fix your heart. He will forgive and purify you. Your life will be sweet and your joy complete.

March 22: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Be Anxious For Nothing” – Philippians 4: 2-7

 One of the greatest challenges to the peace and stability to the people of God is the spirit of anxiety. There are so many sad and depressed saints who claim to be covered by the blood that get weighed down by the pressures of life. Anxiety has become the working tool of the devil and is a form of spiritual warfare. But the word instructs us God has not given us a spirit of fear. The power of anxiety is it will keep you consumed in what you cannot control and interferes with the stability of your thought process. The word declares to cast your cares unto him. Trust God will work it out. So reset your posture and change your outlook. Be determined to get your joy back! 

March 22: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “God Broke In Suddenly” – Numbers 12: 1-10

 One of the hardest character traits to maintain is meekness. As Christians, we should be able to maintain it because we know God. In the circle of faith, it’s considered the grace of the soul. It’s when a person can temper their spirit without changing their attitude. But you cannot claim the term meekness, until you bear the burden. Meekness teaches us, it’s not how we deal with stuff on the outside, but how we handle it on the inside. Meekness doesn’t mean weakness, but it’s when you can react to a situation without embarrassing God. Know that God can handle the issues you cannot. He’ll stand up for you.

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