Sermon Summaries 2014 - September 2014 Sermons


September 2014 Sermons

September 28: 8:00 am – Elder Harriett Noakes – “Four Words To Remember In A Crisis” -1 Samuel 14:6

A crisis is a time of intense difficulty and a time to make important decisions. It can present many challenges and obstacles in which the enemy uses to take advantage of our lives. When we find ourselves in a state of depression it can have profound effect on our character. We can easily discouraged, hopeless and in a panic. However, going through a crisis gives us an opportunity to grow in many ways. It helps us with our personal and spiritual growth as well as helping our development or maturity. Indeed, a crisis can trigger growth for it allows you to work through faith. We cannot move ahead of God in a crisis situation but he will save you. The four words we should always remember is “God can do it”. Just believe.

September 28: 11:00 am – Min. Aaron Pope – “Count On A Comeback” – Genesis 22:1-14

There are three things that move the heart of God. If you want to change your status you must understand the power of sacrifice, operate in obedience and have faith. You will have moments in your walk where you will be tested by God, but he will not test you beyond your limits. If anything is going to help you in your development and growth in God is your faith. Sometimes we get upset with God because he sets us up for a sacrifice. However, when we see what’s in front of us, we forget God is behind us. We become so anxious on doing the things of God that we don’t’ think there’s room for a comeback. Know that with sacrifice comes triumph.