Sermon Summaries 2014 - October 2014 Sermons


October 2014 Sermons

October 5: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “When History Continues To Repeat Itself” – Psalm 95

One of the greatest challenges to our success in life and in the things of God is a lack of discipline. It can inhibit many from reaching goals, but discipline also helps to push & provoke us in order to make things happen. The power of discipline is about self-control and the ability to set boundaries, because without it you will not get a good outcome and won’t reach to what God is calling you to. This sermon reveals what keeps us from being disciplined. Only order & structure can be accomplished through discipline. Psalm 95 is a reflection of another chance. Don’t let history repeat itself. When the Lord gives you another chance, don’t go back to the way you used be. Discipline yourself to be better.

October 5: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “No One Dared Joined Them” – Acts 5:12-16

One of the greatest challenges to the Body of Christ is division. In order to avoid this, the people of God must be of one mind and one purpose. Division happens when folks have a difference of opinions which can often bring dissension.  We get divided because we don’t connect to what is common.  The word gives deference to God and it’s his word that backs us and keeps us from being divided.  The word keeps us on common ground. We cannot move to the next level without it.  At times we don’t connect because we make ourselves bigger than God’s plan and we become divided when we forget God. We have to operate in faith & watch God work it out. We have to keep God involved in everything we do.

October 9: 7:00 pm – Convocation - Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Tested By Hard Things” – 1Kings 10:1-13

One of the tools of the enemy that keeps us from being fruitful is mediocrity. The devil’s goal is to keep us below average. However, God’s goal for us is excellence. He wants the best for us, but he also wants the best from us. The power of excellence is that it raises expectations and it keeps folks aiming to be better than they are. Your future is determined by the excellent seeds you sow. Excellent seeds give excellent outcomes.  The test is a set-up to show what is really in you. When you operate in excellence, the Lord can trust you with what he gives you.

October 12: 8:00 am – 14th Bishopric Anniversary - Bishop Kevin L. Long – “Game Changers” – Genesis 50: 15-20

Your life matters. Everything you encountered and endured contributed to the development of who you are in God. The end result for you will be good, fruitful, functional and fulfilling. God rewards the faithful in due season for he watches and never forgets. All of your success is for God’s glory; it’s when purpose is fulfilled. This message reveals the three things that occur when you go through purpose; know your steps are ordered.  God gets the glory when we are called to be a vessel. Those who walk in favor have God’s attention. He has not forgotten and will flip the script and make it better. The purpose on your life is bigger than your circumstances and what you’re going through is because you’re a game changer. Games changers change the game.

October 12: 4:00 pm – 14th Bishopric Anniversary – Bishop Oscar Brown – “Release Another Word” – 1 Kings 18:1

One of the demonstrations of God is to have his servants as his mouthpiece. We have reduced pastors down as entertainers, but if we are to line up with scripture the job of a preacher is to echo what he hears heaven is saying. There appears to be a lot of negativity amongst the saints. They have pity parties over their struggles and the lack of acceptance and support from others. We have to speak life out of our mouths & begin to speak which is from the Lord. Know that God will shift the season and bring a new reality to your experience. Saints tend to get stuck in the judgment of God from days gone by, but a new season has arrived. You survived a season of calamity but now you’re ready for a harvest. A new season is coming in your direction.

October 19: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Bless The Lord” – Psalm 103: 1-5

We are much invested in the idea of God blessing us.  We spend a lot of time asking God to come to our rescue, but we never really visit the idea to bless him. If you’re a good believer, you cannot talk about God blessing you without you blessing him. The power of blessing begins when we start to ask ourselves hard questions about blessing the Lord. We usually think about God blessing us, but he also expects us to bless him.  We have to take in account everything he does so we never overlook the way he’s blessing us.  It keeps us in proper perspective with God – to bless him on a regular. This way we’ll always remain appreciative. The more you appreciate it, the more God blesses because he likes the response.  “Bless the Lord O’ My Soul! Bless His Holy Name”! Release this into the atmosphere! He blessed you, now bless him back!

October 19: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “The Danger Of Manipulation” – 1 Kings 14:1-14

One of the most dangerous tools of the enemy is the spirit of manipulation. We are living in a self-centered age and it becomes destructive when you alter something to your purpose, but at the disadvantage to others. It’s a spirit that attaches to our attitude. Learn the three primary issues surrounding manipulation. It mainly involves control with an attempt to mold people to one’s own mindset. The truth is we are all still evolving – we cannot determine where people should be nor can we control their development. We are to follow the paradigm of God to encourage each other so he can get the glory. So instead of your way, you need to do it God’s way.

October 26: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Say So” – Psalm 107:1-2

One of greatest injustices we can commit against God is to play down what he’s done in our lives. We’re living in a world that easily forgets what God has done for us. We do a lot of crying & whining, but when the Lord delivers us we tend to forget him. We get short with our praise, our thanks and start to complain. We are called to do three things in reference to what God has done in our lives; remember, rehearse & rejoice. It becomes the proper response to God in relationship to what he has done in our lives. These three things are part of a set-up. If you had trouble once, you’ll have it again. The difference is that you’re stronger than the last situation.

October 26: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Watch Out For Joab” – 2 Samuel 20:8-13


One of the greatest struggles in our lives is our sinful nature. Even with God and the Holy Spirit inside of us, we have a proclivity to sin. There is always a struggle and it’s not easy. The problem is the sinful nature is skewed and it will make you think your right when you’re wrong. We often tend to think its ok and that ungodly is normal. We can get to a place where we cannot distinguish between right & wrong. When this occurs our perspective and perception gets twisted and won’t accept correction. What keeps us in line & focused is the word of God. You have to have enough love for God and the ability to express love for others in order to change – so folks will be able to recognize the God in you.