Sermon Summaries 2014


December 2014 Sermons

December 7: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Like An Olive Tree” – Psalm 52

One of the greatest anxieties people are experiencing is how to get justice in an unjust society. To some, justice is only a social issue or vehicle used for criminals, but it has greater depth & meaning. One of the reasons why society has become so unjust is due to lower standards. The problem is power has been exercised without accountability and no regard for life. Our society will not become just until the standard is raised for all people.  What upsets the enemy is when God comes in to raise the standard. If we want a just society, we all must get with God because without him there’s no standard or personal accountability.  When you talk about God, it’s about righteousness. If you follow his way, he’ll keep the scales balanced. So make up your mind to be an olive tree; to remain deep rooted, fruitful and unmoved.

December 7: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “The Things Anger Will Make You Do” – 2Chronicles 16:7-14

One of the most challenging emotions we wrestle with is the spirit of anger. It can become dangerous & sinful. Anger can control us if we don’t know who we are in God. It’s the root of various emotions and if left unchecked, it can give place to the devil. The purpose of anger is to generate a reaction out of you. It promotes pain & trouble. The devil will connect you to other angry people and have you justifying your own feelings due to anger. You have to trust God. The more you put your faith in him; he’ll deliver you from your situation. It will prevent you from having an angry spirit again.  Speak to your deliverance! Be determined to give your anger to God and let him work it out.

December 14: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “It Was Good For Me To Be Afflicted” – Psalm 119:65-72

One of the most difficult things in life is to be uncomfortable. When you’re struggling and things aren’t working out or coming together – it’s this experience the bible calls affliction. The reason why we cry out to God is because affliction is painful. Affliction is not necessarily associated with some wrong you may have done, but it’s because God is developing you. It’s to get you ready for the blessing and to prepare you for the assignment he has placed on your life. Let the word be your forecaster even when life is not working. Know what the word says and how it can speak to your circumstance. Affliction teaches you to lean & trust in the Lord. Give thanks to him for the outcome.

December 14: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Hated Without A Cause” – Exodus 1:8-22

One of the most challenging dilemmas in the human experience is hatred. It’s a serious deal. As time goes on, hatred becomes more prevalent and it seems hatred is getting worse. Hatred begins as a strong emotion, but if one is not careful, it can drive people to extreme behavior. Hatred can only thrive in the absence of love. This sermon reveals the power of hatred is often rooted in anger. This doesn’t happen just from person to person, but with groups or systems. Don’t worry about who or why folks hate. God has spoken over your life and you have a purpose. He won’t let the plan of the enemy prosper against you.  God’s hand is on you. He’ll raise you up & take you to new levels.

December 21: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “If It Wasn’t For The Lord On My Side” – Psalm 124

One of the greatest encounters with God is the power of deliverance. It’s when God steps in & rescues you from the enemy. He provides an escape and a way to for you to survive from your circumstance. Deliverance is the evidence of God’s divine intervention. It’s a show of his concern for your welfare.  He is bigger than the problems you’re facing. God’s is so operative in his delivering power; there is no force against you that God cannot handle. So when you look back over your life, it’s evident he’s been delivering you over & over again. Praise God for what he’s brought you thru, but also for what you went thru. Whenever we call on him, he’s there. There is power in his name.

December 21: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Overcoming Confusion” – Acts 19:24-41

One vehicle the devil uses to facilitate his work is this thing called confusion. Confusion is so pervasive; it’s even in the church. Some of us are part of the confusion and don’t even know it. Understand that envy + strife equals confusion and every evil work. This message teaches the problem with confusion and how the devil uses confusion to keep trouble brewing. So when you’re in a confusing situation, the right word can change any circumstance and it can change the entire situation. Let the word do the work!

December 24: 6:00 pm – Bishop Orlando Wilson – Christmas Eve Service – “Looking For What The Enemy Can’t Have” – Matthew 2:1-12

The word is clear when it says the devil comes to steal kill & destroy. It’s the aim of the devil and the problem is the devil doesn’t fight fair. He will come after and attack your weaknesses. Often times, the devil will also come after what’s connected to you and those closest to you. You have to be on guard against others as well as yourself. After all, the devil can use you too. In reality when we’re fighting people, we’re really fighting the devil. God is teaching us, whatever your dealing with, he’s got you because you have him and you have real power. Keep yourself close to him. Stay spirit centered.

December 28: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Fear The Lord” – Psalm 128

One of the dying traits in the characteristics of the people in society is respect. It’s important & essential in every human relationship. Without it, there is no order. We’ve lost control of what’s appropriate in relation to respect and even in our respect to God. This sermon reveals the power of respect and how we’re living in a consequence of a disrespectful generation.  People don’t view God as essential in their lives.  God will turn stuff around for those who respect & revere him – for they will receive balance & fulfillment. Psalm 128 is instruction of how to be blessed and blessed are those who fear the Lord.

December 28: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Don’t Die Before You See Jesus” – Luke 2:25-35

One of the greatest assets and tools of the faith for the believer is hope. Without it, there’s no reason to hold on or for things to get better. It’s essential to your development and the biggest challenge is to maintain your hope for the future. It’s the seed of faith. When the enemy attempts to attack your future, he’s looking to kill your hope….and while you’re still hoping; the devil is doing everything thru circumstance to kill your faith. The power of your hope is in God and it means that you’re waiting for him to do something awesome in your life. So place your hope in God and not your circumstance. Lean on him for the insight and the power of his promise. God can still bless you, turn it around and work it out. It’s already looking better!

December 31: 10:00 pm – Bishop Orlando Wilson – Watch Night Service – “Give Me A Little More” – 2Kings 20: 1-6

One of the greatest threats to the devil is God’s willingness to intervene in the lives of men & women. God is willing to able step in, turn it around and give us and the victory. The word speaks of God’s divine intervention into the lives of his people. The evidence of his intervention is that your still here. Through it all, God has been good.  This sermon teaches we have to learn the character of God and how the devil tries to complicate your thinking so you can start to doubt God. God wants to set an atmosphere that is conducive so you can move to a place where you can trust him; so he can do a work in your life. Many of us in 2014 went through more than we should have. If only we would have prayed & focused more on God he would have changed your situation. This year for 2015 has the potential to be outstanding, but you will have to grow up a little, trust God  more, get a little bit further and do a little bit better.