January Sermons

January 2014 Sermons


January 5: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Just Do It” – Ezekiel 33: 30-33

Our greatest struggle often times is to execute plans. We often fail because we don’t follow through on what we declare. Many of us talk, but don’t do anything about it. The process of our development is to think, hear & listen to God. We don’t think about the productiveness for our future & the stuff that’s going to advance us. Know that the power of setting up a paradigm for your success is how you think. You can’t get anywhere without a plan & you cannot get stuff quickly either. We need to stop making excuses & blaming others. The greatest challenge is our mouths. Make it happen & just do it!


January 5: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Family Support” - John 7: 1-7

The initial & greatest support system one should accept is family. The family is the practice ground for relationship development. It’s how we interact with one another & learn loyalty. It also teaches support, commitment & development. Family relationships get jacked because folks have not been taught the relational foundation of the family. Selfishness has now taken place. Lack of support has resulted closed insecure people who only look out for themselves with no sense of connectedness. This sermon teaches we have to get back to some foundational basics. At all costs keep the family together.


January 12: 8:00 am – Min. Kevin Thompson – “Put Here For A Reason” – 2Kings 5: 1-6

The biggest plan of the enemy is to get the people of God to a place where we lose track of our purpose. The devil wants to stagnate us so we’re unproductive & ineffective. God has strategically & divinely placed you in a certain place so his plan will be done in your life. He wants you to be aligned and in position. We must maintain our faith despite of our situation & circumstances. Don’t let the enemy discourage you or destroy your witness. God has brought you out so you can be an encouragement to others. There is still purpose in you.


January 12: 11:00 am – Elder Darrin Matthews – “I Just Can’t Give Up Now” – 1Kings 19: 1-9

No matter how great & strong you think you are, you will have some bad days. At times we become frustrated when we can help others, but cannot solve our own problems. It’s enough to keep us discouraged, depressed & defeated. But God will not allow you to be defeated. He has a process designed for you and developed for his glory. God shows himself true – so instead of avoiding it, we need to embrace it. Learn that when you suffer a spiritual set back, you can be refurbished by God. Recovery is accomplished through Jesus – for he is the living bread for your strength.


January 19: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “The Power Of Transformation” - Ezekiel 36: 37-38

One of the greatest fears of the enemy is a transformation in the people of God. During the worship & fellowship experience, something in you has the potential to change. This makes the devil nervous for he wants to stop you from being closer to God. If something changes in you then something may have to change around you. The devil will try to make you afraid of change & try to convince you it’s not really for you. Know that change is never immediate but it takes place gradually. Don’t wait until God lets some stuff happen to you before you finally change. You have to yield & when you do, he will hear your plea again.

January 19: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “Aaron Remained Silent” – Leviticus 10: 1-20

One of the primary roles of the family is to represent & reflect who God is on earth. The primary responsibility of parent is to teach their children to love God. This includes teaching them how to worship, revere & value him. One must understand that worship is our connection to him. We need to teach our children worship is a lifestyle. This sermon reveals the power of worship & how we must convey the message of love to our children – to love God & make him a priority. There should be something with the God in you that our children should emulate.


January 26: 8:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “A Covenant Of Peace” – Ezekiel 37: 24-28

One of the greatest commodities is the spirit of peace. It’s nothing like having the stability of peace & Jesus is representative of the peace in our lives. The power of peace is more than just not fighting or having strife, it’s about a spirit of wholeness, unity & blessings in your life. It can only be guaranteed by God and having lack of peace can jeopardize your relationship with him. Keep your mind stayed on the Lord because the devil only guarantees confusion. When we are out of whack with God, we become out of whack with each other. The enemy’s job is to keep us at odds. You don’t have the power to change people and some folks you have to give over to God. Don’t lose sight of the things that are important. Are you in line with the covenant of peace in your life?


January 26: 11:00 am – Bishop Orlando Wilson – “The Next Generation Blessing” – 2 Samuel 19:31-40

One of the greatest challenges to families is the enemy’s attempt to dismantle the family. The devils aim is to create dissention which ultimately creates family division. When individuals are no longer taught to respect & honor God, families tend to lose honor & respect for each other. We have dropped the ball in relation to God & the family. It’s the current culture, not God that’s influencing our households & the devil is using this to cause separation. Know the tool of the enemy is to hinder the development of our children so they can be used to the glory of God to be better than us.