The New Antioch Baptist Church was organized February 22, 1952 under the leadership of Reverend Joe Z. Williams, Deacon Bernard Conley, Sister Essie Conley, Sister Fannie Mills, Deacon Julius Tanner, Deaconess Ruth Tanner, Reverend Willie Chambers, Sister Geraldine Chambers, Reverend Joseph Z. Williams, Brother James Yon, Brother Arthur Jeffries, Sister Millie Jeffries, and Deacon Charles Pace, a total of 13 founding members.

Deaconess Ruth Tanner, who affectionately became known as "Mother Tanner" and served as Deaconess for 65 years, she and husband, Deacon Julius Tanner were responsible for naming the church "New Antioch".

The New Antioch Baptist Church was first located at Ann and Jefferson Streets, and only occupied the second level of a two story building.  Due to increased membership, it became necessary to seek larger quarters, so the church relocated to 1022 Harford Road.

In 1957, the late Nathan Fulton became pastor.  The membership continued to increase as the Missionary Program launched.  The church became a member of the United Baptist Missionary Convention of Maryland. In October 1959, the church relocated to the corner  of Eden and Hoffman Streets.

Nearly two years later, in June of 1961, the church was completely gutted by a devastating fire.  The church fire was a feature story in the local press (The Baltimore Sun and African American Papers).  

The congregation and their pastor, Rev. Willie Sylvester Chambers, found refuge at Second Baptist Church on Guilford and Lanvale Streets, where the late Rev. Julius Price served as pastor

By the grace of God on November 1, 1961, the membership returned to its newly renovated church at Eden and Hoffman Streets.  The members of New Antioch Baptist Church walked more than 10 blocks that morning from the temporary location back home to their renovated church location singing and praising God all the way.

The membership and its ministries continued to grow rapidly under the pastoral leadership of Reverend Chambers.  During the next decade the church was blessed to purchase an educational center.  The church flourished with growth of its missionary program and church ministries that included Deacons and Deaconesses, Trustee and Usher Boards.  They added Sunday School, Mass and Junior Mass Choirs, and the BYPU (Baptist Young People United).  Two nursing students Sis. Lille B. James and Sis. Essie Brown-Conley, launched the Nurses Ministry.

The New Antioch Baptist Church membership voted on December 15, 1988 to extend pastoral ship to Reverend Doctor Orlando A. Wilson, who had already served as Acting Pastor for an extended period of time.  He was installed as Pastor on Sunday, May 28, 1989.

The young Pastor Orlando A. Wilson, by the divine grace and anointing of God, continued to promote new vision in the church and community, building and rebuilding in the name of Jesus.  By God's grace and through Pastor Wilson's leadership, the New Antioch Baptist Church again moved into its current location, 2401 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21218, in November 1992.

The success of New Antioch Church have not come without much prayer and hard struggles.  There have been disappointments and sleepless nights.  God has been and still is with this church family.  We have experienced unspeakable Joy as a corporate body.  The church has grown from a storefront church to a congregation of over 1500 members.  The hand of God has blessed this branch of Zion with over 36 ministries.

This year, 2013, we celebrate our 62nd church anniversary.  The vision of the house has been for many years, "Moving from Religion to Relationship" because God has called us to have a personal relationship with Him, and with each other.  Bishop Wilson has further charged the congregation by updating the vision, "Transforming Lives One Relationship at a Time".  Right now, this present day, we as a church can attest to the fact that we are walking in immeasurable favor with God.

"Having stepped into this place, your life will no longer be the same".